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Spice scale: how to choose the right curry for your family

Curry is one of the most popular meals that families will enjoy during the week. Full of spice, flavour and hearty ingredients, curries can cater to any flavour preference.

If you’re feeding little ones, a mild curry such as butter chicken or korma is perfect. Or if your eager for some hearty solid spice, a vindaloo is your best choice.

Although sometimes knowing which curry is hotter than the other can be a challenge. Which is why, with our help from Passage to India, we can introduce the Spice-O-Meter!

This page from our new Winter Foodbook, will solve all of your curry dilemmas. Use this scale to check the level of spice in your chosen curry.


Now you know the spice level of each Indian curry, it’s time to get cooking. With Passage to India Simmer Sauces, making curry has never been easier. Also each sauce package will give you it’s very own spice scale, so you can choose the right curry for your family.

Try any of the following delicious recipes using Passage to India Simmer Sauces.

Must-try curry recipes 




One-pan butter chicken with cauliflower



Mince and Chickpea Curry



*DISCLAIMER: Passage Foods is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Passage Foods and our own opinions. You can find out more about the full range of Passage Foods products, here.


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