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Snacks to fill your office drawer

As 3.00pm rolls around, you suddenly find yourself trawling the pantry at home or at work for a little something to keep you going until dinner. A snack will also keep you focused and fuelled – and, if you keep the following snacks close, you won’t be tempted to reach for something a little less-than-healthy.

Snack-ready items to keep in your pantry at work or home

Nuts: a handful of mixed nuts is an easy snack to munch away on, that’ll keep you satisfied until dinner.

Dried fruit: dried fruits are great for any sweet tooth out there that wants that sugar fix without the guilt.

Muesli bars: if you’re on the go, muesli bars are the snack for you. Also, they aren’t an item that is going to perish quickly, making them the perfect snack to store at work or home.

Crackers and rice cakes: plain crackers are an easy snack idea to enjoy on their own, or paired with your favourite spread or topping.

Nut butter and other spreads: keep your favourite spreads handy to enjoy on crackers or rice cakes.

Fruit: stock up your fruit stash at the start of the week, ensuring you replenish every week. Fruit is a satisfying snack, which is filled with nutrients too.

Now you know the staples to keep on hand, try these delicious snack recipes to enjoy at home or work. They will certainly keep that 3.00pm hunger at bay!

Snack recipes to try 






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