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Set and forget slow cooker recipes for weekdays

We consider the humble slow cooker a part of the family. It works an 8-hour day like we do, gives us a comforting meal at the end of a long day and it oh my does it make a mean slow-cooked chilli.

Just a little preparation in the morning, and you can come home to a meal that makes it look like Martha Stewart snuck in to your kitchen while you were at work.

Chilli Con Carne, Lamb Shanks and all things slow cooked that sing the season of Autumn. It’s time that we do a little oath to our faithful slow cooker. After all, it is the official start of slow cooker season.

These set and forget slow cooker recipes cook over the space of 8 hours, so you’ll be at peace knowing your cooker is creating something wonderful during the working day.

Then, all that’s needed upon arrival home is a change into comfy clothes and a wonderful bowl of slow cooked goodness that no doubt, the entire family will devour.

8-hour, set and forget slow cooker recipes

Lamb shanks, authentic curries, melt-in-the-mouth short ribs mid week? You better believe it. All possible thanks to the slow cooker. It does the work for you!







The Breville Fast Slow Cooker is the ultimate appliance that does both slow and pressure cooking


*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.  Find out more information about the Breville Slow Cooker.

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