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Seasonal feature: Australian Passionfruit

There is nothing better than a fresh and vibrant passionfruit. Whether drizzled on top of a pavlova, blended into a creamy curd or made into a sweet and zingy jam, this fruit is versatile and delicious.

Passionfruit is available all year round, but at the start of Autumn in March and April Australian Passionfruit’s are in season and at their best. Passionfruit’s exotic and zingy flavour instantly adds a citrus zing to desserts, jams and roast dinners.

The passionfruit is a good source of fibre, vitamin C and is low in kilojoules. This funny little fruit might have a rough exterior but certainly makes up for it with its juicy sweet interior and crunchy seeds.

How to select and store passionfruit 
  • You don’t have to wait for a passionfruit to wrinkle before it’s ready to be eaten
  • A passionfruit will wrinkle because of loss of moisture
  • Look for a more plump and heavier passionfruit
  • Skin blemishes rarely have any impacts on the flavour of the fruit inside so don’t be put off by by small scratches or marks
  • When you take your passionfruit home, if you live in cooler parts of Australian keep the passionfruit in the fruit bowl. In the warmers parts of the country store your passionfruit in the fridge
Perfect Passionfruit Tips
  • Passionfruit pairs beautifully with fish, pork, coconut milk, vanilla, honey, banana, mango and pastry
  • Try adding passionfruit to a traditional balsamic and olive oil dressing for a tasty, tangy twist
  • If you don’t fancy the black edible seeds you can simply strain out them out
  • Instead of cutting the passionfruit in half, you can chop the top off and eat it like a boiled egg with a spoon
Delicious Passionfruit recipes to try 






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