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Veggie delight: ricotta and mushroom meatballs

Running out ways to sneak more veg into your meals? No need to fret, there are plenty of ways to add veggies into your breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes without ruining the flavour. You can add veggies to your smoothies, frittatas, soup, savoury muffins, sauces and you can even mince your veggies and turn them into meat-free meatballs.

This super delicious ricotta and mushroom meatballs in tomato sauce recipe is the perfect mid-week family dinner idea. Also you won’t miss out on your daily dose of dairy with this nutrients-rich meal. All you need to do is finely dice your mushrooms, blend with tasty ricotta and feta plus other ingredients and bake in a delicious tomato sauce. Yum!

Ricotta and meatballs with tomato sauce recipe to try 


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