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This fried rice recipe is one of the quick dinner ideas found in the under 30 minutes meal collection

What to cook when you don’t feel like cooking: Quick dinner ideas

There are days that are simply so busy that the word manic doesn’t even begin to cover it. By the time you step foot in the door in the evening, residing on the couch for a night of guilty pleasure viewing is much more appealing then prepping, peeling and stirring to achieve the perfect dish.

Yes – it’s nights like these that fast food is very tempting but it’s best to put down the takeaway menu and instead create something easy. It might be as simple as a poached egg on toast or a dinner recipe that takes under 30 minutes from start to end but you will be enjoying homemade food, save money and possibly even save yourself valuable time.

Try this lemon and herb ricotta spaghetti - it's one of the easy and quick dinner ideas found in the under 30 minute meal collection

What better example than this delicious recipe for Lemon and Herb Ricotta Spaghetti by Perfect Italiano that you will be enjoying in 20 minutes flat.

Any smart cook would be lying if they said they didn’t have a loosely rotating weeknight dinner menu. You know, those one-pot wonders that take less than half an hour to make but seem to satisfy everyone in the family. It doesn’t need to be the same recipe every week but it’s great to have a guide. For example, a Wednesday night pasta night, or a night of the week where you use up leftovers.

Try things like stir-fries, omelettes, quick pasta dishes, easy mexican recipes or simple salads. These are the kind of fast dinner ideas that will see you through tiring weekdays and times where you just don’t feel like cooking.

Click below to see our collection of 30 dinner meals in under 30 minutes. You will find quick dinner ideas that are sure to inspire your weekday menu and provide easy ideas that will be very welcomed in the kitchen.

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Have a look at the recipes below for peek at what our collection has to offer:






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