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How to poach eggs in the oven

Knowing how to poach an egg, is a great skill to have under your belt. Although for some, poaching an egg can seem like a daunting task, but once you see how easy this method of poaching eggs is, you’ll be making them every weekend.

Poaching an egg, does not alway need to be done on the stove top. Your oven can also poach an egg. Not only is this method extremely easy but you can poach more than 1 egg at time. Winning.

Before you start you will need:

  1. Freshest eggs you can find (fresher the better)
  2. 6 cup muffin pan
  3. Room temperature eggs
Oven poached eggs 


Egg-cellent recipes to try 



Creamy fettuccine carbonara with poached eggs – Australian Eggs




For more ways to poach eggs, have a look at the below.


*DISCLAIMER – Australian Eggs is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Australian Eggs and our own opinions. Find more about Australian Eggs. 


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