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Platters are on trend! It’s not really news but we choose this point in time to celebrate this lovely way to serve up food!

Restaurants are doing lovely big benches, table sharing and platters. You get to share food with your party and have the added benefit of chiming in on next doors scintillating conversation. A very famous, cheeky, chef from Essex has been serving meals up on big platters for years. We love it!

Serving salads, veggies and meat up on platters in the middle of the table is how we roll in my household. Always has been. My mum has a wicked collection of novelty platters and I’m working on building up my own. Enough about what you serve the food on… let’s talk about the best recipes to serve up on platters!

There are sides and main meals perfect for platter sharing on our site. Check out a few favourites here:

bbq lamb cutlets with capsicum fig and hazelnut sauce recipe

BBQ Lamb Cutlets with Capsicum Fig and Hazelnut sauce: Sacla

Peking Duck Crepe Wraps recipe

Peking Duck Crepe Wraps: Creative Gourmet

Teriyaki Tacos Recipe

Teriyaki Tacos: Kikkoman

Bruschetta with Basil & Cashew Pesto recipe

Bruschetta with Basil & Cashew Pesto: Bakers Delight

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