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Tips and recipes for planning the perfect barbecue

From barbecue maintenance to mouth watering dishes, here are some handy hints and delicious recipes for when you're planning a barbecue at home.

Planning the perfect summer BBQ

Summer means it’s time to pull out the good old barbie, scrub up the gazebo and get the rowdy bunch over for some steak and drinks. The best way to do summer is the Aussie way, so set up your outdoor entertaining area, get the best bbq recipes and sit back with a cold one surrounded by friends and family.

Dress up the patio

2.) For a simple idea, you can make easy individual decorations like these hanging mason jars. Pretty with candles or sub the lights for your favourite flowers, if you want to maintain that touch of spring.
Easy DIY backyard decorations. Hanging mason jars with candles or flowers.

Source: Country Barrel on Etsy

2.) Or if you’re a real fan of barbecues you might want to invest in one of these bbq tables with everything you need to get your meat straight off the grill onto your plate.

JAG Grill barbecue table for entertaining
Via: bless this stuff

These are definitely going to bring that wow factor to your barbecues that will have everyone coming back and stopping by to say hi – but also in case you’ve got the barbie (table) out for a weekend lunch.

Barbecue recipes

Now that your space is primed and prepped for a gorgeous party take a look at some barbecue recipes that put a new spin on old favourites. Because every now and again we all want to mix it up with something fresh.

Free Summer Entertaining Cookbook from myfoodbook. Everything you need to plan great summer parties with barbecue recipes


Delectable grilled lime and chilli prawns with garlic aioli are a great barbecue appetiser for the seafood lovers.

Grilled Lime and Chilli Prawns with Garlic Aioli, great seafood appetiser for dinner parties and barbecues

Grilled Lime and Chilli Prawns with Garlic Aioli – Western Star

For the barbie

Light and fresh, these chicken, rocket and hummus burgers are a lovely, flavoursome dish for a summers afternoon.

Chicken, Rocket and Hummus Burgers - Fresh and tasty summer dish, perfect with a side of fries

Chicken, Rocket and Hummus Burgers – Schweppes

Salad Recipe Ideas

Easy barbecued butterflied leg of lamb with Asian flavours, for a succulent dish that’s absolutely perfect with a side of slaw.

Barbecued Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Asian Flavours - Easy and succulent barbecue meat recipe

Barbecued Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Asian Flavours – Kikkoman

These easy beef sliders with tomato mayo are an irresistible bite sized mix of sweet and savoury flavour.

Beef Sliders With Tomato Mayo and avocado for a simple, fresh weekend appetiser

Beef Sliders With Tomato Mayo – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

Or why not try these quick and easy mediterranean mushroom and chorizo skewers for a deliciously spicy bbq dish.

Mediterranean Mushroom & Chorizo Skewers, a quick and easy barbecue idea

Mediterranean Mushroom & Chorizo Skewers – Power of Mushrooms

Salad on the side

And don’t forget the salad! With simple sides like this beetroot and red onion salad with feta cheese, your barbecue will be complete.

Beetroot and Red Onion Salad with Feta - quick and easy salad perfect for barbecues.

Beetroot and Red Onion Salad with Feta – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

Recipes for super salads


Or a heartier BBQ lamb and spinach salad with a creamy butter sauce dressing.

BBQ Lamb And Spinach Salad with creamy butter sauce dressing, a light and delicious barbecue dish.

BBQ Lamb And Spinach Salad – Ardmona

Make the most of summer this year with a beautiful space and delicious recipes to share with friends and family. A gorgeous, and free, printable Summer Entertaining cookbook is now available from myfoodbook for more easy entertaining recipes.


Happy Cooking!


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