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How to plan a brunch party at home

On a leisurely weekend morning when the lure of a sleep-in beckons, and the day is yours to spend however you please, brunch is the perfect way to kick things off. Sleep through breakfast time, and enjoy a long-winded brunch that leads into the afternoon, fuelled by coffee and dishes to share.

That magical moment between your usual breakfast hour and lunchtime is the perfect chance to gather a group and enjoy a delicious brunch. Often friends and family members are booked up for dinner dates weeks well in advance, but brunch time can be a great window to lock in a simple gathering. If you’d like to plan a brunch party at home, put these tips to the test …

How to plan a simple brunch party at home
  • Keep it simple: when it comes to this time of day, the menu options are endless. But with so much choice, it’s about picking a few key dishes and narrowing things down to keep your planning simple. Try to select at least a couple of foods you can prepare the night before, and set your dining table in advance, so that there’s less to do before guest arrive. Less stress, and less mess!
  • Remember the little extras: It’s easy to get carried away with food prep and forget about the always-essential coffee, tea and perhaps a juice to pop on the table for guests. You might like to set out some jams or other spreads for those who like to have toast for breakfast, plus sugar and milk for guests who take them in their coffee or tea. Depending on how early your brunch is planned, you may like to put on a ‘champagne breakfast’ with a little bubbly too.
  • Sharing is caring: by putting your dishes on the table for people to serve themselves, you can cater to multiple preferences while making it easier for yourself as well. It can also be a good idea to provide a bowl of fruit, in case people have food intolerances (including gluten or lactose) you weren’t prepared for.
  • Make it a ‘bring-a-plate’ event: If you’re time-poor or love the idea of sharing recipes between friends and family, have your guests bring along a plate of food to share. Just make sure you have some idea of what others are bringing, to avoid double ups.
What to serve at your next brunch party …

Need some inspiration for dishes to serve at a brunch party? Try these delicious options out and impress your guests!






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