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Plan your Christmas menu

As we creep closer and closer to Christmas it’s now the time to start your planning and preparation for the big day. Especially when it comes to the food. Christmas Day in most households in usually planned around the food. Whether your hosting a big soirree or having a quante family day, ensuring your Christmas menu is all planned and ready to go will make your day a lot easier.

Also choosing what to eat on Christmas Day can be overwhelming for some. Although obviously there are your traditional meals that you cook every year, but why not try something different this year. Whether it be a new side dish, salad, Christmas treat, main dish or drink idea.

To make your planning easy, have a look at this fantastic menu planner page from our new Celebrate Christmas Foodbook. This page you can print and set out everything you wish to cook an enjoy on the big day.


Write down all your ingredients and dishes you are going to prepare and then take this page to the supermarket with you. This page will keep you on track and will ensure that you have everyone covered on Christmas Day.

If your still looking for Christmas recipe inspiration, below includes an array of easy and delicious festive recipes perfect for Christmas Day.

 Christmas recipes to try 

Sides and Starters











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