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Want a pizza the latest app action? Pizzafy your life

Many situations can be made better with a big slice of pizza. And now, you can pizzafy every situation you encounter. As luck would have it, pizza doesn’t need to be reserved for weekend ‘cheat’ meals – it’s now possible to pizzafy your life at any time of day, in any place (without the calories!)

That’s right, pizzafy is a verb, and it’s something you could be doing right this minute. A new app, Pizzafy, is a fun little application that allows you to edit your photos with the help of pizza slices. Make pizza rain down from the sky, relax on a slice of pizza at the beach, cover your desk with pizza at work, or perhaps make yourself some pizza earrings.

Spurring from a desire to send her friends pictures featuring pizza, the brains behind the new app, Alicia Lu, took photos at her local pizzeria before teaming up with a developer to create the app we never knew was missing from our lives.

Be it cheesy, saucy, spotted with pepperoni, or kept simple with basil leaves and tomato, a slice of pizza is a common cause of cravings – and now, you can take pizza anywhere you please. Taking a selfie? Why not add some pizza to that pic? Having a family portrait? Add a giant slice of pizza to your family album!

Now we just need to wait for a flavoured, lickable version of Instagram to be released … a foodie can dream.

Image cred: Popsugar


Image cred: Bravo


Image cred: Food and Wine

Check out what you can do with the app on the Pizzafy Instagram account, here.

Feeling like pizza now? Try these delicious slices …





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