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Perfect your pies with these simple tips

On a chilly evening, a hot flaky pie fresh from the oven is the perfect antidote to a busy day. This versatile dish can take on a variety of flavours and ingredients – your imagination is the limit.

Whether you’re baking a warming savoury pie – to pair with a generous helping of creamy mash, steamed veggies or mushy peas – or perhaps a sweet, fruity pie topped with with ice-cream or custard, there are a few helpful tricks that will help you perfect your pies.

Three simple tips for perfecting your pies

  1. Allow your dough time to rest: just like you, your dough needs a little time to rest. Once you’ve prepared your pie crust dough, allow an hour for your dough to settle before attempting to roll it out. And, don’t be afraid to add flour liberally when you’re rolling it out – just gently brush off excess flour before baking.
  2. Avoid a soggy crust: this tip is particularly useful for sweet, fruity pies that tend to contain a little excess liquid; a helpful trick is to crumble a dry sweet biscuit of your choice over the base of the pastry. The crumbs (when finely crushed) will help absorb any more moisture the fruit releases while baking.
  3. Get that glow: create a golden glaze over your pie’s top by brushing it with egg whites (for a glossy top), egg yolks (for a glossy and golden top), a whole egg whisked (for a yellow gloss finish) or milk for a golden matte pie top.

Have a hankering for a warm home-cooked pie this week? Take a look at these warming winter pie ideas, from the traditional, to the free-form, to the filo-wrapped, to the mash-topped, and sweet varieties.

Hearty pie recipes for all occasions







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