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The perfect lunchbox frittata

The frittata is the perfect vessel for leftovers! Alongside eggs, it can transform those odds and ends into something wonderful.    It’s the kind of recipe that can be dinner one night, a lunchbox meal the next! You can even prepare your frittata on a Sunday night to get ready for the week ahead.

Of all the delicious impossible slices and savoury frittata we have tried, this quick and easy sweet potato and broccoli frittata recipe is a real win. Filled with super veggies like sweet potato and broccoli, then held together with eggs and you have a super easy and delicious meal or snack.

The sweet potato is the perfect ingredient for a frittata recipe. With it’s beautiful golden colouring and sweet taste, the sweet potato, is the unsung super veg this season. Easy to prepare, extremely nutritious makes sweet potatoes perfect to toss into a frittata recipe, creating a super meal.

For more information on the sweet potato see the clever infographic below:

Super nutritional facts about sweet potatoes

See the full guide on all the super health benefits of the sweet potatoes

So if your not convinced already, you must try this delicious frittata recipe below and see why frittatas should be your go to meal throughout the week.

Super Easy and Healthy Frittata Recipe 


*DISCLAIMER: Australian Sweet Potatoes are a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Australian Sweet Potatoes and our own opinions. For more information visit the Sweet Potatoes website.

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