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The perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate

Be it a drizzle of hot fudgey sauce over your strawberries, a slice of decadent cake, a spoonful of rich mousse, a warming mug of the drinkable variety, or a row of pieces straight from the block, a fix of chocolate is sometimes the very thing to lift your mood and settle a craving. And, what better day to treat yourself to a little deliciousness than on World Chocolate Day? Yes, it’s a legitimate thing.

Each year on 7 July, we’re given the perfect excuse to indulge in this wonderful ingredient – in its many forms – and get cooking with it too. Many avid addicts will have a go-to favourite recipe involving chocolate, whether you prefer the darkest, most bitter varieties, a white (cocoa-free) ‘chocolate’, a creamy milk style or a combination of the three. So, this week we’re dreaming up and gathering together our favourite wintry choccy recipes to make at home; it’s a tough research job, but someone has to do it.

Celebrate this international food day with these oh-so-chocolatey recipes



These tasty chocolate chip cookies are perfect for all the chocolate lovers

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Devondale





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