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Flavour combinations with pears

One of the many beauties of cooking is the ingredients that we use. Utilising good quality, seasonal produce will ensure that you get the best possible result in the kitchen and help your recipes to reach their full flavour potential.

What is even more fascinating about food is the ability that simple ingredients have to come together in perfect harmony. Take pear and dark chocolate or butter and sage. These flavour combinations balance each other out in acidity, sweetness and texture to create a fantastic base for cooking.

As a home cook, once you understand simple flavour combinations – there are no limits to what you can create in the kitchen. Pears are just one the ingredients that we love to experiment with as the subtle sweetness lends itself so well to other strong flavours.

The red anjou pear has a sweetness that is works well in flavour combinations such as pear and rosemary

Red Anjou Pear – Available from April to November

Once you choose the right pear for your recipe with the help our our handy guide that you can find by clicking here – learn about some of the delicious flavours that you can achieve with pears.

Use one of these simple but fabulous flavour combinations as a recipe base and you already have something wonderful

The new Mother's Day Foodbook 2017

Now that your inspired to cook with pears – try these great recipes that use the combinations pictured above. You’ll find ideas that showcase the best that seasonal cooking has to offer and a collection with over 150 extra recipes!

From a delicious tart recipe with buttery pastry to a divine dessert idea for poached pears you will be creating for your friends and family in no time. Happy Cooking!




Create great flavour combinations with these great pear recipes. Including dinner recipes, dessert recipes and canape ideas



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