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Passionate about passionfruit

With its tangy flavour, the tropical passion fruit is perfect for refreshing summer desserts and drinks. Check out these delightful passionfruit recipes!
Delicious summer baking recipe, passionfruit slice

We’re passionate about passionfruit!

There’s nothing like the tropical taste of passionfruit in summer. No matter whether it’s in a cocktail, ice cream or even in a biscuit treat, passion fruit adds a deliciously tangy flavour to any recipe.

But did you know Australia has a huge variety of passionfruit available, each with its own distinct taste?

The most popular passion fruits you’ll find at the markets are:



More tropical than both Sweetheart’s and Misty Gems, this fruit is great for cocktails. It’s large and sweet with a superb flavour[1] and is available from Autumn right through summer until the end of April.


A very sweet fruit with a high pulp content[2], making it perfect for fruity cake icings and fruit flans or creme caramels.

and Misty Gems

The tastiest of all the Passionfruit varieties, with a refreshing, guava-like and tangy flavour [3] Misty gems are most commonly used for pavlovas and cheese cakes.

What to do once you’ve picked the perfect passionfruit…

Once you know which variety you prefer based on your own taste, you can make a whole host of stunning passionfruit recipes. The pulp is spooned directly from the shell and its sweet, sticky nature is what makes it so great to use in dessert dishes.

Try your hand at some of these irresistible passionfruit desserts and snacks:

The best way to beat the heat, this stunning lime, mango and passionfruit ice cream terrine is as tropical as it gets without flying to the Carribean.

Layered Lime, Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream Terrine - a perfect summer dessert.

Layered Lime, Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream Terrine – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

A stunning dinner party dessert, these meringue nests with lime curd and passionfruit will bring gasps of delight from your guests with their tangy flavour.

Meringue Nests with Lime Curd and Passion fruit - A divine little party dessert recipe

Meringue Nests with Lime Curd and Passionfruit – Unbeatable Eggs

Easy and absolutely scrumptious, these passionfruit yo yos are a gorgeous biscuit treat, perfect for weekend parties or afternoon tea.

Passionfruit Yoyo's - A delicious holiday summer snack recipe

Passionfruit Yoyo’s – Western Star

More passionfruit inspired recipes

An Aussie favourite, nothing beats the sweet and creamy taste of this beautiful white chocolate passionfruit cheesecake slice.

White Chocolate Passionfruit Cheesecake Slice - Cool and creamy summertime dessert

White Chocolate Passionfruit Cheesecake Slice – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

For delightful little bites of indulgence, try this passionfruit slice. So simple to make with melt in your mouth flavour, these slices are a sure fire favourite.

Passionfruit Slice - Quick and easy party snack or dessert with a delicious blend of flavours.

Passionfruit Slice – Western Star

And finally a cool, refreshing beverage to quench your thirst after making all these brilliant desserts.

Passionfruit cocktail recipe perfect for a tropical flavour this summer!

Passion Punch – Schweppes

Download the Celebrate Christmas Cookbook for the recipe for a deliciously indulgent Passionfruit Ripple Cheesecake!

So go ahead and tantalise your palate with these divine passionfruit recipes.

A collection of sweet and tangy passionfruit dessert recipes

Happy Cooking!


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