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Paris opens first nude restaurant – Ooh la la

Did you know Paris has opened a restaurant where they prefer their guests to dine without clothing? Yes your hearing this correctly, a restaurant which prefers their guests to go ‘au natural’.

The name of the restaurant is of course O’natural and it opened on November 2nd and is the city’s very first nudist restaurant. Located in the city’s 12th arrondissement, though it’s located on an unassuming block away from the neighbourhood’s trendiest restaurants.

Guests who choose to visit the 40-seat restaurant will be instructed to disrobe in a coat room before they are brought to their tables. There, they’ll dine on fine French dishes including escargot and duck foie gras. Although waiters and kitchen staff, meanwhile, will reportedly keep their clothes on for hygienic reason.

Paris open first nude restaurant

Diners can expect a modern interior in O’ Natural, Image cred: Rock 95

Plus if your thinking, what about inccocent bystanders walking past the restaurant? Diners need not to be concerned, a heavy curtain will obsecure the restaurant’s very large street-view windows, and a second set of curtains will prevent people from sneak a peak into the dining room should someone open the restaurant’s front door.

So if your not convinced yet, apparently O’natural’s first diners (Paris Naturist Association) were reportedly quite satisfied with this unique dining experience. Plus this restaurant was taken very well by neighbours and guests.

This opening of O’natural follows similar nudist-friendly restaurants in London and Tokyo, as well as a clothing-optional pop-up restaurant in Melbourne.

O’natural is open from Tuesday to Saturdays, and offers sophisticated cuisine for around 40 euros if you ever wish to visit and enjoy your food in the nude.

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