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One-bowl baking wonders

Love baking but don’t enjoy the clean up afterwards? Baking does not need to be complex or involve a-million-and-one utensils. You can create delicious and mouth-watering desserts and baked goods using only one mixing bowl or electric mixer. One-bowl baking is a must for those with little time and space to bake. Who has time to clean up? It’s all about spending less time cleaning up and more time demolishing and enjoying your baked goods.

If you’re not a confident baker, or don’t have a kitchen full of baking equipment, one-bowl baking is also a great starting point for you. Gone are the days of using every mixing bowl and wooden spoon in your kitchen – bake something oh-so delicious, without creating havoc in your kitchen.

You can easily make a decadent avocado brownie recipe using only one mixing bowl; or, why not try baking lightly spiced apple and cinnamon muffins? The choice is yours – and you’re only one-bowl away from creating a delicious treat!

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