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The not-so-sweet side to pears

Those who think pears are simply sweet fruits best served as desserts might be surprised to learn there’s a not-so-sweet-side to pears too: there’s a savoury side to these curvaceous green fruits that not everyone has seen. Well, if you haven’t met the not-so-sweet side to pears, it’s time to try using them in your mains, salads and sides, stat!

A ripe, crisp pear is a perfect flavour match to a wide range of savoury ingredients – from sharp cheeses to tasty mustards and many meats and vegetables – which means it lends itself to a wide range of cuisines.

Whether you grill, barbecue, poach or bake your pears – or keep them fresh for an extra crunch – you can add them to your salads, bakes, quiches, pies, cheese toasties and even blend them into your soups.

If you’d like to meet the not-so-sweet side to pears, check out the following savoury pear recipes to get creative in the kitchen.

Savoury pair dishes to try out this week






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