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No-bake Easter Dessert Recipes

With the Easter holidays coming up there’s sure to be a request for you to put some treats on the table for both kids and adults.

If you have school aged children then it’s on the cards the Easter break will mean a busy few weeks around the house. Our friends at Copha have a great range of easy Easter dessert recipes, including the ever-popular chocolate crackle recipes. The crackles set in the fridge and are a wonderful no-bake alternative. You can download the full FREE ebook here.

The Triple Layered Easter Chocolate Crackle Slice and the Chocolate Crackle Bunnies are both very popular no-bake recipes which will quickly become family favourites.

If you are in the mood for baking there are also plenty of delicious cupcake, cream puffs, gluten-free tiramisu and cake recipes in this free ‘Creating the Perfect Easter Sweets’ cookbook.

Copha Chocolate crackle

More about Copha: 

Copha has been part of Australian history for more than 70 years. Developed in 1933, Copha quickly became popular with busy mums who wanted a no-fuss vegetable shortening for home baking and cooking.

Over the years, Copha has been strongly embraced by families, especially to make the much-loved Chocolate Crackles- a favourite kid’s party food.

From birthday parties to baking at home with mum or grandma, Copha has always been associated with fun, family and sweet childhood memories.

For great party food ideas, including chocolate cake recipes to gluten free desserts, Copha is the ideal cooking ingredient!

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