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New ways to latte

The donut, the cronut and the deconstructed coffee – food trends have completely taken us by storm and the newest craze is one we will gladly champion. Whereas once your choice of latte was as simple as skim or full cream, the stakes have now been raised to include the likes of a turmeric, beetroot and wait for it… blue algae latte.

Melbourne cafe – Matcha Mylkbar is serving up unique latte blends that have become quite the sensation. They may sound bizarre but these flavour combinations have attracted interest from far and wide.

Here are a few new ways to latte as created by the Matcha Mylkbar:

‘Smurf’ Blue Algae Latte

A unique combination of blue algae, lemon, ginger and coconut mylk. This nutrient dense latte is an absolute must try.

The Mushroom Latte 

Changa mushroom, vanilla essence, coconut mylk and agave. Okay so we are slightly reluctant but we’ve heard that this flavour combination is surprisingly incredible.

Beetroot Latte

This blend is made with cold pressed beetroot juice, dehydrated beetroot, chocolate and blood orange! Beetroot is the sweetest vegetable due to it’s high natural sugar content so it adds a rustic, nutty and sweet note to the latte.

Turmeric Latte

This super spice is a match made in latte heaven. It adds an incredible element to the drink which is made with fresh turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and coconut mylk.

Apple Pie Latte

Okay, so this may be our favourite. Fragrant cinnamon and apple pie spices are blended with apple cider to create a delicious drink that, as an added bonus, is great for digestion.

Carrot Cake Latte

It’s no secret that carrot cake is one of our most loved desserts and it sounds just as good in latte form. Carrots, dates, ginger, nutmeg and coconut mylk, this drink is a welcomed afternoon treat that is also good for you.

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