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Must-try red capsicum and ham quiche with sweet potato crust

As the weather warms your decisions for lunch and dinner will no longer be a warming curry or hot soup. We now look towards frittatas, salads, grilled meat and three veg, plus other lighter dishes.

Quiches are a fantastic idea for easy family eating. Quiches can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner and served with your favourite side salad and you’re good to go. The quiche is also a great vessel for any veg and meat that tickles your fancy, then combined with egg and cheese and poured onto the base of your choice. It really is that simple! Especially with these warmer nights, a quiche is a lovely light meal that won’t make you sweat.

This super delicious red capsicum and ham quiche with a sweet potato crust recipe is a real winner. Made with onion, crunchy capsicum, tasty ham, eggs, grated cheddar cheese and finished off with a sweet potato crust. The sweet potatoes create a perfectly tender crust that holds together on the bottom and creates a chip-like consistency around the edges. This quiche is perfect for anyone looking for a grain-free meal idea. Try this quiche as an easy family dinner or enjoy the next day for lunch. This quiche is the ultimate dish for easy spring eating.

Must-try red capsicum and ham quiche with sweet potato crust recipe 


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