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Must-try raw avocado slice recipe

Although desserts and baked goods are delicious, sadly we can’t go gorging on rich and decadent treats every day. To solve that problem, we’ve created a better-for-you recipe so you can get your sweet fix without the guilt.

This stunning raw avocado slice is full of rich and mostly un-refined ingredients. Perfect for a tasty snack or after-dinner treat. The base includes a blend of raw cashews, oats, dates, cacao powder and coconut oil. The gorgeous green filling, and star of the slice, gets its green goodness and good fat from the avocados, plus shredded coconut, coconut sugar, native and coconut oil. To finish off the slice, a smooth choc-top is added, which will then set in the freezer.

Another benefit of this raw slice, is that it requires no baking at all, so no need to turn on the oven. Winning! Once the slice is set, simply slice into small squares ready to be enjoyed.

Raw avocado slice recipe to try 



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