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Aussies Lacking in Vitamin D? Can it be?

Since when were Aussies worried about vitamin D deficiency? We are a sun kissed nation where vitamin D is in abundance to all of us to dwell outdoors. Right? Wrong.

The effectiveness of the fantastic ‘slip, slop, slap’ campaign over the years has everyone on high-alert for sun-safe behaviours and now we are a population with a very real problem, with more than a third of Australians now classified as diffident in vitamin D.

You needn’t slather yourself in canola oil and run in to the backyard at the first sign of low vitamin D levels though, what you need to do is dose up on mushrooms. It may be a surprise to many, but mushrooms are one of the best sources of vitamin D out there.

Mushroom Recipes

Summer Mushroom Recipes

Sydney University recently released a study demonstrating that mushrooms can provide 100 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, you can find out more here.

Professor Rebecca Mason, Deputy Director at Bosch Institute and Head of Physiology at Sydney Medical School, gave some further insight into the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency; “Low vitamin D levels cause poor calcium absorption that can result in osteoporosis, a disease affecting more than one million Australians. Vitamin D is also important in helping us fight infection, heart disease and even type-two diabetes,” she said.

Now you know where to get your top up from, prepare some simple summer meals from the Power of Mushrooms recipe collection.

You can also download the Power Of Mushrooms Cookbook for iPad & iPhone here.

Power Of Mushrooms Cookbook


Power of Mushrooms

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