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Surprising mushroom mash-ups

This summer, it is time to start eating more mushrooms…why? Because they make everything taste so much better plus these delicious little veggies are fabulously good for you.

Mushies are extremely versatile, pair perfectly with a large variety of other foods and flavours, and can be a crucial ingredient in most recipes. They add a great flavour and can spruce up any meal. This summer there are an array of beautiful recipes to enjoy with family and friends that include mushrooms.

Have you ever tried mushrooms as a pizza base, or mushroom fries, or do you put mushrooms in your burgers? This summer try any of these delicious mushie mash-ups for a delicious dinner, lunch or snack. In this tasty page from our new Summer Entertaining Foodbook, have a look at these different ways you can enjoy mushrooms this summer.


For more super scrumptious recipes like these mushie mash-ups have a look in our new Summer Entertaining Foodbook. It’s a good one! 


More mushie mash-up recipes to try 





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