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10 ways with one mushroom sauce recipe

A great sauce recipe is like a precious diamond to the home cook. Once you have that one recipe – you in term, have a glossary of food ideas to create. Take the humble potato, dress it with a fabulous sauce and you have a recipe. Boil a simple pot of pasta and add the same sauce and voilà another delicious recipe.

One of our all time favourite’s is the Best Ever Mushroom Sauce by Australian Mushrooms. It’s smooth, rich, flavoursome and is practically a match made in heaven with winter comfort food. If there’s only one sauce that you know off by heart – let it be this one. It achieves the perfect balance of flavours, is gorgeously rich and creamy and it will certainly make any dish shine. Just picture it on a crispy chicken schnitzel and you won’t be able to hold back in creating this beauty.

Create this best ever mushroom sauce and see 10 ways to use it in winter cooking

Best Ever Mushroom Sauce – Australian Mushrooms

Learn how to make this delicious mushroom sauce in the video below then check out our top 10 ways for using mushroom sauce.


Take a look at more Australian Mushroom cooking videos on the myfoodbook YouTube channel.

Get the original Best Ever Mushroom Sauce recipe here

Create 10 delicious recipes with one mushroom sauce recipe

Create the best ever mushroom sauce and more with these great recipes by Australian Mushrooms


If you are in the mood for comfort food – you’ll find even more delicious recipes from Australian Mushrooms in the myfoodbook 2016 Winter Warmers Foodbook.

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