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Miniature cooking at its best with this YouTube channel by MiMi

Miniature cooking videos are a viral sensation

From cute animals to failed attempts at just about everything, who doesn’t appreciate a viral video. There’s just something about watching short clips for a laugh and enjoying a little bit of light hearted fun that we can never say no to.

So when we came across this simply fabulous YouTube Channel by Korean miniature cooking artist “Mimine” that creates miniature cooking tutorials – we couldn’t look away. With equal parts awe and sheer appreciation we’ve been watching on as she very skilfully creates everything from miniature pizza to miniature ramen noodles and our personal favourite an incredibly perfect box of miniature doughnuts.

Not only is her ability to create real life food in a tiny way pretty magnificent – Mimine also crafts the tools in which she cooks with. A complete mini kitchen with sharp utility knives, an oven, a fridge and even miniature rolls of paper towel. Mimine is seriously skilled and we had to share her with you.


Incredible miniature ramen noodles created by Korean artist - miminemini

Ramen Noodles – Image via Instagram/miminemini



Original, sugar coated and chocolate topped – all of our favourite doughnuts in miniature form. Rolled out onto a tiny chopping board with a tiny rolling pin, it’s just too cute not to love.



Ramen noodles with all the toppings. Wow. We couldn’t be more impressed with the precision it takes to cut, roll and shape each individual noodle.


What we love even more than this super cute miniature pizza is the tiny wood-fired pizza oven used to cook it. So life-like we can’t help but wonder what it tastes like.


If you’re going to cook miniature then you need a miniature way to clean up. Mimine has thought of everything and this neat little tutorial on creating a mini roll of paper towel is fantastic.




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