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Midweek treats: sweet comfort food for busy days

Some days can feel a little longer than others, and, for those, sweet comfort food paired with a cup of tea can be the very thing to end the day on a lovely note. Midweek treats need to be satisfying, quick to make and include a range of pantry staples that’ll save you a trip to the corner store.

If you’ve had a day that calls for a sweet ending, here’s the midweek treats that’ll make it all feel a little better.

Midweek treats for a feel-good fix

Passionfruit sauce  – Australian Passionfruits

For an easy, tangy, thrown-together dessert, whip up a jar of passionfruit sauce and top ice-cream, yoghurt or a sliced banana in this tropical sauce.


Baked pears with mascarpone – Australian Pears

Have a glut of apples or pears on your hands? Get creative and pop them in the oven for 25 minutes for a delicious midweek treat that makes the fruit’s natural flavours shine.


Instant apple slice – Devondale

This is one you’ll want to make a double batch of, to ensure there’s enough for a lunchbox slice tomorrow. Apples, spices and raisins come together to give this treat a wonderful flavour.


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