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Master Recipe Feature: Ardmona Indian Tomato Butter Sauce

Master Recipe Feature: Indian Tomato Butter Sauce

Great ideas for family dinners

You’ve made a new dinner recipe and the family absolutely loves it. Great work!  Now, it’s become the same dinner you have every – single – Wednesday night.   Don’t get us wrong, having some routine is a great way to get ahead, and save time especially when you’ve a family to feed.  It also prevents the “what’s for dinner” daily question which can wear you down.

However, now the applause is over and it’s week 15 of cooking the same Wednesday night meal. Sure everyone is still enjoying the recipe, but you’ve made it so often the pleasure of making it is all but gone.  But how can you score those points again – the happy faces, second helping requests … it’s your very own Olympic stage when you’ve managed to make everyone at the table satisfied.

This is where a Master Recipe and the trick of serving it different ways becomes your best friend; here’s how:

  • You can still have your meal plan and save time by making a big batch of the Master Recipe by doubling or even tripling the original recipe, and then save portions and freeze to use in other meals;
  • Your family will continue to enjoy the recipe they originally loved, and you’ll enjoy the option to cook and serve it different ways;
  • Your family will think you’re a kitchen super-star (we already know you are 😉 ) when you serve up the same Master Recipe that they love, but in a different way that keeps cooking interesting for you and variety for everyone else; and
  • If the team love the Master Recipe, the risk rejecting the new serving idea is minimised.


You get the idea, but now need some inspiration?  Take a look at this recipe collection which starts with a basic but flavourful Master Recipe of Indian Tomato Butter Sauce Recipe created by Ardmona.  With a few easy variations to the Master Recipe, and you’ve got four new dinner ideas!  Click the images for full recipes currently featured in the Ardmona collection on myfoodbook.


Master Recipe:

Make a double batch of this Indian Tomato Butter Sauce by Ardmona and freeze extra for other meals

Master Recipe – Indian Tomato Butter Sauce: Ardmona



BBQ Lamb and Spinach Salad - Ardmona

BBQ Lamb and Spinach Salad using Master Recipe for Indian Tomato Butter Sauce – Ardmona

Make a batch of Indian Tomato Butter Sauce, then add a few extra ingredients to create an easy Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken using Master Recipe Indian Tomato Butter Sauce – Ardmona

Vegetable Curry using Master Recipe Indian Tomato Butter Sauce - Ardmona

Vegetable Curry using Master Recipe Indian Tomato Butter Sauce – Ardmona


Love these recipes?  You might also enjoy the latest Ardmona cookbook which is packed with family recipe ideas for easy everyday cooking.  Download the FREE Ardmona cookbook today.


Ardmona Family Favourites Cookbook


Happy cooking from us and the team at Ardmona!



*DISCLAIMER: Ardmona is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this feature are our own. For further information on Ardmona visit the SPC Ardmona website or Facebook page.

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