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Slow Cooked Chicken Tacos Recipe using slow cooker

Making the most of your slow cooker all year round

So you’ve scored a new slow-cooker – maybe it was a gift to yourself, or Santa put one under the tree.  We love using our slow cooker and use it all year round.  To help make the most of your slow cooker too, here’s our tips on how to use your slow cooker frequently and some recipe ideas too!

  • Save time and money

Slow cookers are a great way to pre-prepare meals for the week.  If your weekdays are manic with work and after-school activities, your slow cooker can be your best friend.  We love to prepare a big batch of slow cooked lamb, pork and even chicken on a Sunday and freeze batches for easy weeknight meals.   Buying cheaper cuts of meat, or buying in bulk and cooking this way is a great way to save money too.

  • Use less liquid / stock to flavour

While you should always check the manual for guidelines on how to cook with your new appliance, as a general rule slow cookers require around one cup less liquid than stove top or oven recipes.  While they use less liquid, if cooking for several hours on a low setting you will also achieve a richer flavour so go easy on the seasoning at the beginning and adjust once everything is cooked

  • Set and forget! 

Slow cookers take care of the cooking for you and rarely do recipes require frequent stirring so pop on the lid and get on with other things (hopefully not just the housework) and come back when the beeper goes off

  • Browning

Many slow cooker appliances now include a searing function which is great!  We recommend browning all meat prior to adding remaining ingredients. Browning helps to add extra flavour.

  • Cut meat evenly and trim excess fat

Cutting meat evenly helps to ensure even cooking.  A reminder that fat doesn’t cook off when slow cooking so to prevent your meal from becoming too oily, we recommend removing the excess fat


Read more about slow cooking tips for seafood, how to thicken sauces, slow cooking with legumes and more.



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