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How to make the most of summer stone fruit

Just imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing on a warm summers day and biting into a juicy nectarine, plum, peach or apricot. Sounds like bliss. Summer is when these stone fruits are in their element and relishing in seasonal glory.

Stone fruits are versatile, deliciously sweet and are a wonderful ingredient to add to your summertime cooking. Stone fruits can be enjoyed in desserts, with salads and make beautiful sauces and relishes. Plus stone fruits pair amazingly well with a variety of flavours.

In this stunning page from our new Summer Entertaining Foodbook, have a look at the tasty list of flavour pairing ideas with stone fruit. Hopefully it sparks some summertime cooking inspiration because now is the time to make the most of these delicious stone fruits.



The recipe possibilities are endless with stone fruit, and using stone fruit in your cooking not only looks stunning but adds a vibrant and fresh flavour. Try any of these delicious stone fruit recipes below, and your family and guests will be begging for more.

Summer stone fruit recipe to try 





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