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Watch and make the best ever mushroom sauce

Whether it’s drizzled over a perfectly cooked steak, heaped over steamed veggies or slowly forming a moat around a creamy mash, mushroom sauce is a wintertime delight that conjures memories of home-cooked comfort food. And here, we show you how you can make the best ever mushroom sauce to pour over your favourite dishes.

While making this best ever mushroom sauce, cream is flavoured with delicious Dijon mustard, brown onions, beef stock, butter and flat-leaf parsley, and features two varieties of mushrooms. Watch how easy it can be to create this flavoursome and warming mushroom sauce, with help from this handy video – then make the recipe at home. If you have any leftover best ever mushroom sauce, we recommend soaking up every last drop with a piece of bread.

Best Ever Mushroom Sauce Recipe  


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