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How to make a perfect smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect healthy breakfast idea when you need a quick brekky on-the-go. They’re also a fabulous way to increase your daily intake of fruits and veg. Learning how to make a perfect smoothie can be as easy as gather your favourite blend of ingredients and whiz them up for a deliciously healthy brekky in seconds.

Especially at this time of year when the weather is warmer and you’re trying to get swim-wear ready for summer, smoothies should be your go to. Plus the abundance of fruits and veg in season mean your flavour choices are endless, such as berries, mango, avocados, stone fruit to name a few.

How to make a perfect smoothie

Liquids: be sure to add your liquids first. When keeping the liquids on the bottom allows the blender to create a vortex easily pulling down the greens, fruit and veggies that are layered above.

Powders and sweeteners: add any powders immediately after liquid. Because if they are added to the blender last they might not completely dissolve.

Greens: next add the leafy greens. Remember to remove any stems.

Soft ingredients: from here on, ingredients will be added to the blender based on firmness, starting with soft ingredients, such as yoghurts and nut butters.

Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds: to help the the fruit, nuts and seeds blend better, consider cutting them into chunks.

Frozen and hard ingredients: finally, top off the blender with hard ingredients, like frozen fruit and ice. The weight of the heavier items help to push the other ingredients toward the base.


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