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Get organised with make-ahead lunches

The key to avoiding another ‘sad lunch’ is simple: it’s all about the make-ahead recipes. Finding smart recipes you can make in bulk, that hold up well in the fridge and pack easily into single containers is key. Make-ahead lunches will spice up your lunch routine but also give you something to look forward to when it comes to lunch time.

Get organised with simple but delicious a sweet potato and broccoli frittata, or scrumptious little bacon, feta and zucchini savoury muffins; or perhaps a warming Indian caramelised onion and spilt pea soup. These recipes are fantastic ideas to prepare in advance for you to enjoy during your weekly lunches.

Remember, your lunches don’t need to be drab. These recipes are ideal to make and go, whether you’re in an office or hitting the open road. Get started with the following ideas …

Make-ahead lunch recipes to try 





For more recipes see our full make-ahead lunches recipe collection 

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