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The great lunchbox debate really divides an office. From what I gather there are three schools of thought:

1) Lunch is an excuse to exit the office so get out there and buy something yummy someone else has made. A $15 for a minted lamb and salad sandwich on pretty bread aint no thing.

2) It’s vital lunch is nutritious and low in naughty foods.  Lunch is a highlight of the day and a proportion of time each morning is given to lunchbox construction.

3) No fuss vegemite sandwich types who are lucky to have survived the morning hustle at home and made the same thing for themselves as the kids.

There are also those people who have a long black and pretend they are too busy for lunch… I choose to exclude these from my musings as they are obviously not foodies and therefore not reading this blog.

There are also those poor desk lunchers who have nasty bosses (or too much work) and can’t take a break. While I hate to laugh at the misfortunes of others… there’s this site called Sad Desk Lunch which cracks me up. The 62% of Americans who eat at their desks are taking snaps of the most unfortunate lunches, it’s part hilarious and part depressing but I recommend it to make you feel good about the salad you bothered bringing in today!

Personally, I fall in between category two and three as listed above. My mornings are incredibly busy but I do put a lot of thought into lunch and making sure it fits into my plan for nutritious eating everyday. I also sometimes eat a whole packet of lollies to myself before midday, but hey everyone has their vices.

My personal tips on a HAPPY desk lunch are:

  • Plan ahead for the week, allocate a tiny slice of brain space on a sunday night to what you will eat for lunch.
  • Ensure an element of your lunch for the week can be made in a batch, I often cook and season a batch of quinoa on a Monday morning and add it to my salads for the next few days.
  • Keep it varied or you will get sick of your new faves. If you have discovered the wonders of carrots sticks, baba ganoush and pitta bread only do it a couple of days in a row. Don’t over do it and ruin it for yourself (yes, I have been there)!
  • Don’t waste your lunch, keep it nutritious. I always try to include vitamins (some fruits & spinach etc), protein (some nuts and/or meat) and something to keep energy for the arvo up (corn, grains, seeds etc).
  • Don’t worry if you stuff up and don’t have time for making lunch from time to time, just make a sensible choice with what you purchase from the shops.

There are loads of lovely, quick, lunch ideas on our site to help kick-start the imagination. Check out these favourites:

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