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Make the most of your leftover mince

Mince meat is incredibly versatile and is a true lifesaver during the week when you need a quick dinner idea to whip up for the hungry family. Mince is also the ultimate source of protein for mid-week meals as it can be kept in the freezer until it is needed.

Best known for its use in good old trusty spag bol, mince can be used in many dishes other too. Whether you have leftover Bolognese mince or mince meat is beginning to fill up your freezer, these ideas make for fun and delicious family dinners that everyone will love.

Ways to use up your leftover mince

Burgers: mince meat, whether it be leftover mince or mince you have in the freezer, making burger patties is a fantastic dinner idea that the whole family will love. Using mince for burger patties is simple, quick and just what you need to easily feed the family, during the mid-week madness.

Meatballs/Nuggets: making delicious meatballs and nuggets can be a great dinner-in-a-dash idea. Serve your nuggets with a side of veggies, or stir your meatballs through hearty pasta. Meatballs are a great way to use up the leftover mince, but if there are more than you need for one meal, they make for a great lunch the next day.

Cottage pie: made too much Bolognese? No need to throw it out, make a cottage pie! When one dinner can become two, it is a real win. Simply cover your mince in mashed potato and cheese then you’re good to go.

Lasagne: when you have leftover or unused mince, make a big tray of lasagne. Lasagne is a great family dinner idea or even an easy dinner to serve to guests. It can also be enjoyed the next day for lunch, if there are any leftovers.

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