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Why you should get the kids excited for cooking

Get the kids inspired with creating their own dishes in the kitchen. With recipes for bakes, muffins, cupcakes and more they'll definitely be kept busy!

Why kids cooking should be made exciting

Getting the kids cooking in the kitchen may be a difficult task at first but once you get the joy of cooking into the little critters they will be well on the way to exploring a world of creativity and fun!

There are so many recipes that you can try out at home from midweek dinners to delectable snacks and everyone can do their bit to help out. Turn dinner into a fun family activity with some of these amazing ideas.


And don’t forget that when you teach the little ones to cook, you will be teaching them the skills they will definitely depend on when they grow up and move out. Arm them with knowledge they will treasure for the rest of their lives, and they will thank you for it.


Plus once they start refining their cooking technique it’ll give you a little break, that is, until it’s time to clean up!

So get the kids away from the screens and into the kitchen with this collection of fun and easy recipes.

For birthdays and kids parties you cannot find a better idea than these adorable butterfly cupcakes. You’ll have so much fun putting these scrumptious treats together with an absolutely stunning result.

Delectable Butterfly Cupcakes, perfect for kids parties and kids cooking

Vanilla Butterfly Cakes – Western Star

Make a delightful afternoon snack with this quick and easy jam drop biscuit recipe. You can make a big batch of these lovely biscuits, perfect for sharing.

Jam Drop Biscuits - A Quick and Easy Afternoon Snack and a great baking idea for kids cooking

Jam Drop Biscuits – Western Star

This gorgeous passionfruit slice recipe is so simple you can put it together in 15 minutes and leave it in the fridge to set. This sweet and citrusy dessert snack is the perfect way to start introducing the kids to more complex flavours, and how amazing they can taste.

Passionfruit Slice - A divine summer day treat and the perfect no bake slice for kids cooking

Passionfruit Slice – Western Star

Before you take off to the kitchen and start whipping up a delicious batch of everything, another idea you can try are these lovely apple and cinnamon muffins. Soft and moist with delightful bursts of apple on the inside, this recipe will quickly become a favourite and will have everyone coming back to the kitchen to make more.

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins - A lovely baked snack or treat to get the kids cooking.

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins – Western Star

Snacks and sweets may be the best way to get the kids cooking in the kitchen but once you’ve got them going why not try a heartier dish like this ham, cheese and veggie bake. Just mix all the ingredients together in a baking dish and pop it in the oven, it couldn’t be easier!

Ham, Cheese and Veggie Bake - The perfect veggie smuggler for kids dinners and a great idea for kids cooking

Ham, Cheese and Veggie Bake – Western Star

Helping out in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore and when everyone’s working to achieve a goal together it can be a very satisfying moment. So now that you’re armed with these recipes and inspiration I bid you good luck with kids cooking in the kitchen.

Happy Cooking!

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