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3 ways to keep salad fresh all week

Soggy salad? No thank you! There is nothing worse than getting ready to enjoy a lovely, and crisp salad and opening up your bag of salad to find damp lettuce leaves.

When purchasing your salad at the beginning of the week there are 3 simple techniques you can use to prolong the life of your salad.

How to keep your salad fresh

Plastic containers: emptying your salad from it’s pre-packaged bags when you get home from the grocery store is the first step. Secondly wash and dry your salad, then place your greens into a large plastic container lined with paper towel. The paper towel absorbs any excess moisture that might cause the salad leaves to get slimy and damp. Keep this container in fridge at all times. 

Use a salad spinner: use your salad spinner to clean and dry the lettuce leaves, but another tip is to keep the lettuce in the salad spinner stored in the fridge. As the leaves are kept in the basket, this then allows for any leftover moisture to drip off into the bottom of the spinner. 

Empty out that crisper draw: if you have a lot of salad to store empty out your crisper draw, making sure it is clean and wiped down, then line with power towel and toss in your washed and dried lettuce leaves. The crisper acts like a large plastic container. 

Now your salad leaves are prepped and ready try these delicious salad recipes.

Stunning salad recipes to try 





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