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It’s time to celebrate Meatball day!

Although this is an American Food Day it’s definitely worth celebrating because…meatballs are delicious!

Meatballs have taken the side seat to spaghetti for a long time, which is why meatball day was created. A holiday that is celebrated annually on the 9th March.

This unofficial holiday is a day to celebrate these little orbs of goodness. So if you prefer your meatballs with spaghetti, enjoy Swedish meatballs or even a meatball sub, this special day is for you.

In preparation for Meatball Day, one New York restaurant is serving up an Italian meatball dish that will cost you $100. Shockingly the hefty cost will get you just one meatball and a glass of wine.

This high-priced meatball dish is a special twist on the restaurants Kobe beef meatballs which normally sell for $13. “This special version is made of wagyu beef and winter truffles, stuffed with truffle caciocavallo cheese and foie gras, topped with creamy shallots and champagne sauce”, the NY Daily News reports.


Unfortunately with this restaurant being on the other side of the world, instead why not make your own meatballs at home. This super comforting meal is a fantastic dish for the whole family to enjoy. Plus meatballs are even better the next day.

Meatball recipes to try 


Thai pork and mushroom meatballs 



Ricotta and Mushroom meatballs 



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