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Bake and go: is oven-baked risotto the best way?

On a chilly evening, a deeply comforting bowl of creamy risotto can be an idyllic and warming ending to a busy weekday. With a few (sneaky) vegetables thrown in, risottos can be the effortlessly nourishing answer to feeding the family or pleasing all your dinner guests – including the vegetarians, the gluten-free and kids at your table.

Avid home cooks will be all too familiar with the leisurely process of creating a stove-top risotto, slowly stirring away as you watch your dish spring to life. But, time-poor cooks who love the idea of sitting down to a hot bowl of risotto of an evening might be more enticed by the idea of making an oven-baked risotto, to bake and go.

So what’s better about oven-baked risottos?

A watched kettle never boils, and a watched risotto seems to take just that little bit too long for those with lengthy to-do lists.

Popping an oven-baked risotto in to cook means there’s no need to hang around the kitchen – allowing you time to entertain guests or unwind with the family. Multi-taskers, rejoice! Better yet, all you need is one pot, which, naturally, means less washing up and less fuss for all.

In many oven-baked risotto recipes, the only effort required lies in gently frying any meats or vegetables you’d like to use, combining your ingredients, bringing them to a boil, topping the mixture with cheese and popping your dish in the oven, for around half an hour, to take care of itself. Voila! A simple, hearty and satisfying oven-baked risotto awaits.

Want to try baking a risotto tonight?

Now it’s your turn to try this delicious chicken and mushroom baked risotto recipe!








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