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Ingredient Feature: How to Cook with Turkey Mince

Turkey doesn't have to be just for the holiday season, as a lean and protein rich alternative, turkey is perfect for light summer recipes from sliders and salad to arancini.

Ingredient Feature: how to cook with Turkey Mince

Think turkey’s only for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Think again! Turkey mince is great as a light summer alternative to cooking with other higher-fat mince. If you’ve never tried cooking with turkey mince before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of easy turkey recipes to try.

High in protein and very lean, for anyone watching the calories you can easily use turkey in-place of beef or lamb mince.


Turkey and Kale Protein Balls - A healthy snack idea to make ahead

Turkey and Kale Protein Balls: Steggles Turkey Shortcuts


The team at Steggles have created a range of inspiring recipe ideas so you can see how easy it is to cook with turkey mince this summer.


Turkey, Mushroom and Semi-Dried Tomato Arancini - recipe made with ground turkey mince

Turkey, Mushroom and Semi-Dried Tomato Arancini – Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

Turkey Fattoush Salad - A light and flavoursome summer recipes

Turkey Fattoush Salad – Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

Turkey Sliders with Spicy Mayo - A modern twist on a class American slider recipe

Turkey Sliders with Spicy Mayo – Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

Easy Turkey Rissoles with Panzanella Salad - perfect summer recipe

Turkey Rissoles with Panzanella Salad: Steggles Turkey Shortcuts


With such a huge variety of turkey recipes to try, from American style sliders to Vietnamese rice paper turkey rolls and even turkey and vegetable meatloaf, you won’t be stuck for ideas with turkey mince.

Turkey is surprisingly versatile, mixing well with a huge variety of herbs and lending a gentle flavour to cuisines from all around the world. Just try the Middle Eastern style turkey mince open pide or Italian turkey, mushroom and semi-dried tomato arancini recipes pictured in this feature and you’ll see what we mean.

So mix it up with these turkey recipes, from hearty appetisers to light lunches and even dinner.

Happy Cooking!

Turkey Mince Open Pide - Easy middle eastern style dinner recipe using ground turkey mince

Turkey Mince Open Pide: Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

Make your favourite kofta using turkey mince as an alternative to high fat mince

Turkey Kofta : Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

A twist on the classic meatloaf, this turkey and vegetable alternative is a hearty, flavoursome dish.

Turkey & Vegetable Meatloaf : Steggles Turkey Shortcuts

Spiced turkey protein balls with salad - light and fresh summer diner recipe

Spiced turkey protein balls with salad : Steggles Turkey Shortcuts



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