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How to use up raspberries this summer

We love it when raspberries are in peak season, like now. There are bright red punnets for days. But apart from popping a few berries into a bowl for a sweet and healthy snack, there are some delicious ways to get more raspberries into your diet.

Read on for some seriously tasty inspiration on how to use up raspberries this summer.

Benefits of raspberries

As if you needed convincing to eat more raspberries, here’s are three reasons why  these berries are so good for you.

  1. High in fibre
  2. Loaded with vitamin C
  3. High in that wonder antioxidant, anthocyanin
How to keep berries fresher for longer

• Keep them in a breathable container – the one you bought them in is perfect.

• Store them in the fridge but not in the crisper drawer.

• Only rinse them when you’re ready to eat them.

• You can freeze fresh berries. Lay them in a single layer on a tray in the freezer, then transfer the frozen berries to a zip-lock bag ready to add to smoothies and desserts.

How to use up raspberries 

In sweet treats and fruity snacks, raspberries add their signature vibrant flavour. Dive into one of these recipes now.

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