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How to use up leftover rice

Made too much rice or over-orders it with your takeaway? We’ve all been there, but there is no need to throw the rice away. This versatile meal staple can be used in a variety of meals. From lunch recipes, to dinner ideas and even desserts.

5 ways to use up leftover rice

Turn it into fried rice: this is one of the best uses for leftover rice, as fried rice is at it’s best using rice that’s not freshly made, as it can sometimes turn gluggy.


Put it in a salad: rice is the perfect addition to bulk up any salad, especially in winter.


Make a bake: rice in a bake is a fabulous alternative to pasta. Rice bakes not only make a fantastic dinner, they can be popped in the fridge and sliced later to make the perfect lunchbox meal.


Add it to a slice: combine leftover rice with veggies, egg mixture and cheese to make a satisfying rice slice. A rice slice is great for a quick and easy dinner or fulfilling lunch. Plus the rice definitely bulks up the dish.


In dessert: you can also use leftover rice in desserts. Nothing beats a sweet rice pudding.


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