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Bake them, don’t bin them: here’s how to use overripe bananas

When popping into the grocery store without a list, it’s easy to overestimate just how much of any one item you might need to get you through the week – one or two bunches of bananas? Before you know it, the week is out and your leftover bananas are beginning to brown before you’ve had a chance to chow down. But, luckily for the over-estimator, there’s much joy to be had in overripe bananas.

Just as a run-down home might be a ‘renovator’s delight’, browning bananas are a true ‘baker’s delight’. So, don’t bin the bananas, bake them into something delicious that tastes even better with a naturally sweetened overripe banana.

What to do with overripe bananas …
  1. Mash them into overnight oats – the extra sweetness will make the following morning’s breakfast a pleasure to wake up to.
  2. Bake them into a deliciously fruity, nutty loaf – whether you love traditional banana bread, banana cake, or want to put a spin on your baking with added fruit and nuts, this is a wonderful use for super sweet, browning bananas.
  3. Make up a batch of muffins – warming, sweet and a great take-along treat, banana muffins will make you glad you bought a few too many nanas this week.
  4. Perfect your banana pancakes – with just a few ingredients you can flip wasted fruit into a much-loved breakfast dish.
  5. Pop them in a smoothie – smoothies and milkshakes will taste much sweeter with the help of a little overripe banana. Speedy, easy and scrumptious.
Try out these recipes using browning bananas …





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