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How to throw a picture perfect morning tea

Morning teas are all about gorgeous and delicious bite-sized treats teamed with a warming cup of tea or coffee. They are a fun way to celebrate a birthday, bridal or baby shower and a catch-up with good friends.

With only a little planning and preparation you can easily throw a spectacular morning tea. If you’d like to plan your own picture perfect gathering, here’s how.

What you will need for your morning tea:

Tea and other drinks: Having an assortment of loose leaves and tea bags plus other drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate and champagne are a must – ensuring you accompany your tea selections with cream, sugar and lemon slices, of course!

Tea pots and tea cups: having tea brewed and ready is an essential for any fabulous morning tea. Serve your tea and other hot drinks in a collection of gorgeous tea pots and tea cups and you’ll immediately impress your guests.

Plates and bowls: set your table with a nice table cloth and lay out a mixture of decorative plates to set the scene.

Cutlery: you will need a range of cutlery on hand, from a cake knife for slicing into bakes, to teaspoons for stirring in the cream and sugar, and dolloping your jam on your sweet treats.

Napkins: not only can they add a sophisticated touch to your morning tea parties, but an assortment of napkins is handy for avoiding an unwanted mess.

Cake Stands: display your delicious morning tea delights on old-fashioned cake stands, which can make your treats even more appealing to guests.

Flowers: Because who doesn’t love flowers? Decorating your table with an arrangement of flowers will finish off your setting just beautifully.

Condiments: (Think jam, cream and sugar). Sometimes your treats need that extra special finishing touches, just like scones need jam and cream. Supply your guests with delicious condiments such as marmalades, cream and fruity preserves so they can dollop atop their favourite cakes and bakes.

With help from some deliciously jammy recipes from our new Dessert Lovers Foodbook, you can enjoy a dollop of jam on any of your sweet delights served at the morning tea. Dollop as little or as much as you desire.


Now you’re ready for your picture perfect morning tea, serving up these stunning recipes that will leave your guests asking for more!

Perfect morning tea recipes 





For more delicious dessert recipes and stunning baked goods have a look at our new Dessert lovers Foodbook, it’s a good one!


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