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The health benefits of pears

A perfect pear is a thing of beauty. A casual cluster of pears on a dish on your dining table looks, well, good enough to eat. And eat you should, because this gorgeous fruit not only looks good but delivers on flavour. Especially when its just ripe. Slightly crunchy but ever so juicy. And you don’t need to limit yourself to eating pears as they come, add them to salads, cakes and savoury bakes and see them shine.

Before you start cooking with pears, here’s some tips about how to store, ripen prepare and cook with them. Plus all the delicious health benefits of pears.

How to pick

When picking a pear, keep your purpose in mind. If you are purchasing pears for a future recipe, choose one that is firmer to ensure it isn’t too soft when the time comes.

If you simply want to pick a pear for immediate eating, lightly press the pear on its stem. You want it to give slightly but not be too plush. Also have a look for any large bruises. A pear has tender flesh, so a bruise particularly on a softer fruit will indicate over ripeness.

How to store

To ripen a pear, store out of direct sunlight at room temperature. To speed up the process keep your pears in a brown paper bag. Once ripened, it is best to keep your fruit in the fridge.

How to ripen

But before you pluck a pear form the fruit bowl and get disappointed that it’s still too hard to enjoy, in the infographic below, you will find tips on how to ripen a pear, an easy way to test if a pear is ripe, the different pear varieties and when each pear variety is in season. If you didn’t know much about pears before, you’ll be an ex-peart after viewing this guide.

How to cut

Wash pears lightly in cool water and pat down with a dry cloth removing any moisture. Depending on what you wish to do with your pear, these are the two main preparation methods.

  1. Slicing – This style is great for salads, tarts, pizza or sandwiches.
  • Cut pears in half lengthways with a large utility knife
  • Using a melon baller, remove the core by scooping from the top of the pears stem to the bottom
  • Then lay the pear on its flat side, cutting slice widths of your choosing

2. Segmenting – This is great for poaching, roasting or glazing pears.

  • Start by peeling pears
  • Cut pears in half lengthways and then once again lengthways with a large utility knife
  • Using a melon baller, remove the core by scooping from the top of the pears stem to the bottom
The health benefits of pears

A pear is the perfect snack. High in fibre and low-GI, a pear will keep you feeling fuller for longer and is brimming with vitamin C.


Pear recipes to try 


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Mini sponge cakes with pears and salted caramel sauce




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