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How to peel and core apples

What’s not to love about apples? They’re colourful, sturdy and extremely versatile. They’re a healthy snack on their own but are delicious when cooked.

When you have apples stocked in the kitchen, a sweet and warming apple pie or crumble isn’t too far away. Not to mention a flavoursome apple stuffing to accompany crispy pork belly or apple and cinnamon muffins served with a hot cuppa.

These favourites are just part of the reason we love cooking with apples and luckily enough, with so many varieties available to us in Australia – we can buy them year round.

Although before cooking or eating an apple there a few techniques to know when it comes to preparing an apple. Such as peeling and coring.

In the following video, follow these simple steps to prepare an apple. Plus discover a handy apple lunch box hack also.

How to peel and core apples 


Depending on what you wish to do with your apples, here a few more preparation methods:

Juicing: Amazingly, many juicers will take whole apples, making it nice and easy to make fresh fruit juice. If not just cut the apple in quarters.

Sweet desserts: Some recipes will call for cubed apples, others for nice thin slices. Whichever way, start by peeling the skin, then using a spoon or apple corer to remove the seeds and stem. Once seedless, slice or cube your apple into pieces of your choosing.

Apple recipes to try 






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