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How to make the most out of watermelon

What better than a crisp triangle of watermelon to munch on as a fresh summer snack. As Aussies, this tradition starts early on in life. But our relationship with watermelon has now blossomed into something far more fruitful than a simple slice. Here’s how to make the most out of watermelon in sweet and savoury recipes.

We now love this summer fruit in Mediterranean-style salads, as a refreshing sweet pizza base and even as a quick and easy appetiser.

See below for our ultimate seasonal guide to all things watermelon, including how to cut and store this wonderful fruit.

When is watermelon in season in Australia?

While you can usually find watermelon throughout the year in Australian green grocers, it is at it’s seasonal peak from October – February.

How to cut watermelon
  1. Cut the whole watermelon in quarters
  2. Working with one quarter at a time, cut the melon into 2 cm wide slices
  3. Lay individual pieces of watermelon on their flat side
  4. Cut away the green rind carefully by drawing the knife close to the white rind
  5. Chop melon into 1cm cubes and enjoy
What’s the best way to store watermelon?

Watermelon should always be stored in the fridge. Once cut, wrap the cut side tightly with cling film. Try to replace the cling film each time you re-wrap your watermelon.

Alternatively, you can store cut pieces of melon in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Watermelon recipes to try 


Watermelon salad with feta and mint 




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