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How to make the best jaffle

Come lunchtime when the midday stomach grumbles set in, a quick, tasty bite is just the thing to carry you into the afternoon. Jaffles provide a delicious pocket of cheesy goodness, are a great way to use up leftover breakfast and dinner provisions, and an easy way to create a hot lunch for those on the go.

Better yet, the ingredients required to make delicious jaffles are simple, kitchen staples: think creamy spreadable for toasting, two slices of your favourite bread and melty cheese.

The most familiar is the traditional ham, cheese and tomato jaffle. It’s a family favourite – but there is so much more to be created. Sweet or savoury, filled with delicious sauces or even last night’s leftovers, it’s time to start getting creative.

Tips for a better jaffle 

Bread: shouldn’t be any thicker than 1.5cm, 2cm at most, per slice. Otherwise it’s only the bread that toasts. It’s recommended to use a block loaf for those even triangles and crunchy edges.

Golden outside: for that perfect golden glow and crunchy outside of the jaffle add a small amount of Western Star Spreadable. There is no need for spreadable inside, the weight of the jaffle machine and hot ingredients will help your sandwich stick together.

Cheese: a jaffle is not complete without cheesy, oozy goodness, but there really are no rules when it comes to your choice of cheese. A cheese slice will give you that perfect coverage but you can try Swiss or brie, if your stepping up your jaffle game.

Avoid spillage: keep the edges clean by avoiding overhang. If your jaffle is a little saucy, try keep the ingredients towards to centre.


Must-try jaffle recipes






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